A passionate learner wants to change the world through education

Xin chào, thanks for dropping by my humble website. I am Cao Minh Châu, an ordinary human being. I am passionate for learning and want to change the world by education, that is why I am sailing through the academia trying to make an impact. A bit about myself… My friends come to me to be listened. Strangers may think I am a little bit cold, but eventually they will know I am just an introvert with an open mind. I find myself a kinda sarcastic sleepaholic and foodaholic, sometimes a lazy blogger here and podcaster there. I seek for happiness in creating stuff and helping people. I love conversations about almost anything, from what we eat today to political topics, yet I am more comfortable in a small group of people than in a crowd. My lifetime dream is to become an inspiring storyteller who travels to places, discovers cultures, listens to people and hopes to somehow make their life better. I wish we could talk sometimes, visit me here or drop me a line. We all have stories to be told, and I love to hear yours and who knows if I would become a part of it? Have a nice day!


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